Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Arts and Crafts with Kudzu

I mentioned in the last post about using kudzu.

Kudzu is, for most, an irritating weed that takes over and kills native bushes, plants and trees.

You can harness the power of this fast-growing plant in your classroom by making baskets, trees, ornaments and even paper.

Here are some kudzu resources:

Kudzu Art -- The baskets that Regina Hines makes would make an interesting addition to your setting for storage of books, toys or other items. They could be used to make gifts for Mother's Day. She's also made wreaths, Christmas trees, angels and cornucopias, all appropriate group projects for this time of year.

Kudzu Paper -- Nancy Basket made an amazing map using kudzu paper. It was displayed at the Southern Early Childhood Education Association convention in 2004. (picture here) You can make your own paper projects with the insructions at her site.

A great book to have as a resource is Kudzu in America. It has historical information, tips on usage (like cooking, clothing and crafts) and has over 150 photographs.

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