Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Toddler Daily Sheet

Here is a toddler daily sheet you can use in your family child care or center setting. The "play" reflects the toddler toys I have available on a daily basis, so your toys are probably different. You can see below what information is contained in the report.

You can view this as a .pdf document for printing as is, or you can access the Microsoft Word file and edit it to suit your setting. I added clip-art to mine as you can see here:

Toddler Daily Sheet with Clip Art

Date____________________ Theme__________________________________

Today I ate: None Some Most All
Breakfast _____ _____ _____ _____
Lunch _____ _____ _____ _____
Snack _____ _____ _____ _____
Bottles: ________ a.m. ________ p.m.

Today I played in the following ways:

Musical Toys Dress-Up Busy Boxes Puzzle Book Dishes Puzzles Play-Food Shopping Cart Yellow Push Car Housekeeping Toys Pillows Blocks Bricks Books Flannel Board Balls Snap Beads Shape Sorter Duplos Talking Driver Trucks Cars Tools Workshop Stacking Rings See-n-Say Dolls Puppets Stuffed Animals Gazoobo Playdough Lacing-Toys Waffle Blocks Color Paddles Farm Animals Weeble People School Bus Circus Train Lincoln Logs Color Forms Cash Register Sesame Street Figures Snap Rings Jewelry Folder Games Crayons Markers Sand Play Water Play Shaving Cream Chalk Paint

Other Activities_____________________________________________________

Today My Mood was:

Cheerful Sociable Clingy Cooperative Testing Content Tired Tearful Quiet Vocal Frustrated Energetic

And my touches to my friends were ____________________________________

Songs & Stories:______________________________________________________

Diapers: ___________Wet ____________BM's __________Ointment Used

I Took a Nap Today From _____________ to _____________

Comments & Reminders:_______________________________________________________


Sheryl said...

This is very helpful
Thank You

Ashley said...

Thank you! I'm a mom to a 2 year old who is going to day care for the first time tomorrow. I asked the sitter if she could fill one of these out daily to help make stay involved in his day. She said yes!! I wasn't sure what questions to ask so this was VERY helpful!!