Friday, June 29, 2007

Making Colored Sand or Salt

Here's a movie of my kid and I making some colored salt...

As you can see, these are pretty easy to make. I know the big name guys like Discount School Supply sell this stuff inexpensively, but really, you can make it yourself and use the money you'd save on some colored butcher rolls. (Always seems like there's never enough of that...)

Learning about Rainbows

There are so many teachable moments with kids, but sometimes we forget when we get caught up in routine or mundane tasks.

For instance, when you fill up the wading pool or you're hooking up the sprinkler for the kids this summer, remember to take the time to show them how you can make a rainbow and give them turns holding the hose and creating this wonderful effect. (Just remember to put your back to the sun and tell the kids to spray over their shadows for the best results.

When I was a kid, I never got tired of making rainbows in the hose. And every rainbow seemed like magic to me. But don't leave it at that for the kids in your care... be sure to teach them some of the science behind rainbows.

Other ways to have fun with rainbows:

  • Put prisms in the science area or on the science table

  • Blow bubbles on sunny days and point out the rainbow effects in the bubbles

  • set out all the colors of the rainbow at the easel and teach the children about "Roy G. Biv" (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet)

  • Make rainbows on large paper with colored sand or colored salt

  • Hold up a compact disc in the light and let the children see the rainbow pattern

Rainbow Spray Photo is Copyright abbydonkrafts (Taken by Samantha)

Rainbow Spray