Saturday, April 2, 2005

Checklist for Directors Writing a Staff Newsletter

Solicit volunteers for various center duties and projects. (i.e. The front bulletin board needs to be redone, or the supply closet needs to be reorganized, or the sandbox needs to be sanitized.)


Discuss any potluck events for staff. If dishes have been assigned, state who is bringing what. If there are still things that staff need to bring, state where sign up sheet is located.

Remind staff about vacation dates, when they are due, what the procedure is (as far as seniority, etc.)

Announce any staff meetings or inservice training events, whether they are mandatory, where it will be held, what the topic will be and what staff should bring.

Let staff know what you expect as far as classroom parties for upcoming holidays. (i.e. low sugar, costumes or not, enlist parent help, keep sugar to a minimum, etc).

Announce when this months supply lists will be due. (Generally the 3rd Friday so I can have it all done and distributed by the 1st of the month.)

Announce the contest of the month and the prize. (i.e. Perfect Attendance for the month wins a gift certificate to a teacher store, Best door decoration wins dinner for 2 at the Olive Garden....).

Announce any special guests to the center or to specific classrooms (i.e. Firemen, clown, etc.).

Let staff know if any surveys or questionnaires are due, and where they need to be turned in.

Remind staff of any upcoming days when the center will be closed, and tell them to remind the parents as well.

List how many hours of training each staff member has completed- give a special notation to the person with the most hours.

Inform staff of room/staff changes. Solicit their cooperation and enthusiasm for the change.

Talk a little about NAEYC accreditation in every letter. List some criteria, and give some suggestions on how we can start to move toward better child care.

Remind staff about things that must be posted in rooms (i.e. fire evacuation, cot charts, lesson plans, daily schedules....)

Attach any relevant articles and describe why they should be read, and in what way they can be used by the staff.