Friday, November 30, 2007

Book Review: The Forgotten Door

A child falls from a Utopian planet onto a selfish, war-loving, greedy Earth. And that’s just the first page. This story manages to suspend throughout. Its science fiction undertones, however, should not be a deterrent for the young reader (8 to 12) who may not regularly be drawn to this genre. Beneath the U.F.O.s and supernatural powers, Alexander Key manages to take a small valley and create a microcosm of the world, replete with ethical dilemmas and characters representing good and evil. Like Key’s other books, the children and a few trusted adults are the heroes, open-minded and wise, while most of the remaining characters (especially those in authority) come across like backwards buffoons. The book may be nearly four decades old, but the message will still ring true for readers today.

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