Thursday, October 18, 2007

Spider Webs

These spider webs look great when hung in random corners around the room. What I like to do is let them dry and then attach a white string with a construction paper spider cut-out that has the child's face mounted on. I'll wait until all the children are gone to hang these in various places and they love going and looking for their own the next day when they arrive.

You'll need:

  • A round cake pan

  • Black construction paper

  • White paint

  • Marbles

Use the cake pan as a template and trace around the outside. Cut enough off the edges so that the paper fits inside the pan. You'll need one paper for each child.

When it's time for the activity, place the paper inside the pan, then add a small spoonful of white paint right in the middle of the paper. Put the marble in the pan and allow the child to tilt and move the pan around to make the web.

Do not hang these to dry as there can still be a big clump of paint in the middle that will run. Lay these flat. Also, I use a white colored pencil to mark names or initials on the backs of the papers before they begin painting.

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